Our story began at the start of the 1960s when our founder Zülbahar Batmaz entered the textile industry as an apprentice. Mr. Batmaz has made a name for himself as the best and most skilled of the silk artisans.

It was 1979 when Zülbahar Batmaz decided to combine his experience with his vision and laid the foundation of our first factory in Kestel, Bursa as a silk yarn dyehouse.

In 1991, his son Remzi Batmaz took the reins of the company and purchased seven weaving-looms from Italy, adding fabric production to the factory.

While keeping up with the needs of the ever-changing industry, in 2004 Batmaz Tekstil, purchased cone-dyeing plants and started to serve to the international market.

To best respond to the market’s demands, in 2013 we built a fabric dyeing and finishing division and finally we had an integrated production line. Our annual production reached 4 million meters per year.

It is with great pride that we are now supplying collections to the World’s leading brands.

80% of our production capacity is currently in use for some of the most competitive international markets such as Italy, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Greece, and Russia.

We wish to thank all our colleagues and clients who followed us from the beginning of our journey, and are excited to continue expanding.